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Be Assured When You Buy Black Hereford Cattle With JL Legacy Black Herefords

Here at JL Legacy Black Herefords, we are proud of the quality of our Black Hereford cattle for sale. The Black Baldy is often considered to be the perfect female and, as such, is the foundation for the Black Hereford. The formation of using Angus and Hereford matings is designed to produce smaller birth weights for easy calving in an attempt to reduce difficult or disrupted births, known as dystocia.

We use AI to introduce the best genetics from the Angus, Hereford and Black Hereford breeds resulting in genetically superior animals. We tissue sample and test all animals through the A.B.H.A. breed to screen for genetic defects. This results in offering only defect free females and Certified Herd Sire Bulls, which is crucial for successful breeding. We feed only the highest quality nutrition to our heifers and cows to produce high-quality offspring. All our cattle are closely monitored for performance and go through an extensive culling process to offer only the top-quality Black Hereford bulls and heifers. You can be sure that when you buy Black Hereford cattle from us you’ll be buying the best Black Hereford for sale that you can.

We are pleased to be able to supply Black Hereford cattle to Waukomis, OK as well as Garfield County, OK, bringing our quality Black Herefords to as many farms as we can.

About Us

JL Legacy is located near a small town named Waukomis, in the heart of Northwest Oklahoma wheat and cattle country.

Jeff and Lanee Anderson are a husband and wife duo who share the vision to produce top-quality herd bulls and replacement heifers for registered and commercial cattlemen and women.

“We know you can’t go wrong with the popular traits of the Hereford and Angus breeds rolled into one animal,” says Jeff.

We hope you enjoy our selection. Please look around; we look forward to hearing from you! Give us a call today for more information.


What We Do

We’ve got everything from cow and calf pairs, replacement heifers, and calves to Bermuda hay. Our price varies, so get in touch for more information. We hope you enjoy our selection!

Our Herd

We work hard year-round to have a great selection of breed stock and showcase cattle that have all been registered with the American Black Hereford Association (ABHA).

We began with a heavy influence on Loewen and Victor animals. Now we are utilizing AI to bring in the top genetics from the Black Hereford Breed.



We have a collection of replacement heifers that are economical for ranchers to maintain because they are leaders in efficiency and production!

From our herd bulls to our calves, you’ll find that the fantastic genetics in the herd has resulted in quality animals that thrive in Oklahoma’s extreme conditions, all while keeping a great temperament.


Bermuda Hay – $170/Ton

We also offer 5′ x 6′ Bermuda hay. Before baling, it was treated and fertilized. You can give us a call if you’re interested in purchasing.